The Ring is arguably the most powerful Item. It is the most sought after Item in existence. At the mere force of will of it's wearer, she may repair or destroy flesh. All the user need do is extend the hand bearing the ring towards the creature they wish to heal or destroy and will that action on the creature.

If harm is chosen the creature's flesh will turn into an ash-like substance at an alarming rate. A creature can go from perfectly healthy to completely ash in less than a second.

If healing is chosen the creature's flesh will repair and cure at a slightly slower rate than the rate at which The Ring harms.

The Ring is unable to cure some diseases, because the disease lies not in the flesh or blood of the creature, but in the viruses plaguing the creature that is not physically a part of the creature being healed.

The Ring is one of the five Items locked away in The Vault by the Vanguard.