Nova has been hardened by life. She took to the life of a slaver, using every tool at her disposal, even her womanhood, to do well in her chosen field. She was eventually captured by the authorities, and chose the option to become a gladiator instead of go to prison. She excelled at the 'art form' and became the first female, as well as one of the only people ever, who earned their freedom through the gladiatorial system.

Interactions with the Party

Having been captured by the party after she attempted to kidnap Mana, she slept with Nero to gain his assistance. She helped the party, or to say it more correctly had the party help her, overthrow the leader of the slavers guild in Winterhaven. Having gotten their revenge the party left, and she wasted no time taking advantage of the power gap left behind.


She has been since captured and chose to fight for her freedom in the Colosseum (an option available to some criminals). Through many a fight she won her freedom. She continues to fight in the Colosseum constantly avoiding death supposedly for the fun and monetary gains. Her victories are a remarkable and un-rigged achievement.

Her continued fighting is in actuality not her desire. She would of stopped fighting as soon as she gained her freedom, but has been forced to continue to fight and enjoys little freedom outside of the ring. The government has never intended on actually giving a criminal their freedom via the Colosseum, but the powers that be wish to continue the farce so they make Nova act as if she is doing it of her own volition. She is given certain motivations to keep her compliance.