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On paper Lang is exceptional, he has received high scores in marksmanship, tactical reasoning, and leadership skills. If not for his attitude problem he would actually a good policeman. However his general lack of respect for orders and his commanding officers inevitably got him on Psycho Squad (see Psycho Squad for more information.).

Boat Incursion

Lang was the CO of Psycho Squad and planned the incursion on the A.A.A.'s boat base. He had the boat heat-mapped and waited for the people inside to be split up before initiating. He had SWAT go in first, and then as soon as the fugitives Lanris and Victor were located Psycho Squad entered and dealt with them. This operation was a success and everyone was taken off of Psycho Squad and put back into the police force. As a slap in the face Lang was not reinstated into the rank he left, but near the very bottom as Detective.

New Assignment

After Broken Arrow was initiated and Lock's office was raided Lang was put in charge of collecting and protecting all the various pieces of information found there. He did his job well and his unique disposition towards authority aided him well here as anyone apart of the conspiracy inside the police department who would attempt to pull their rank on him to get this information would surely be unsuccessful. He was promoted to Chief Inspector and assigned to investigate this conspiracy to the fullest extent possible. He was allowed to choose his team and chose the very people who were on Psycho Squad with him.

Locke was sloppy hiding his tracks but not sloppy enough to bring any charges against anyone else. However Lang and his men made a breakthrough when a black site was located by the party and it's location conveyed to he and his team.

Attack on the Police

The information Lang and his team uncovered pointed to a conspiracy that ran so deep that it had police and many members of the Sanhedrin on it's payroll. The people in Upper Kadesh were going to travel to the homeworld and leave everyone else behind. Not only that but those left behind would all die. Lang and his men made a hard decision. They knew that anyone could be compromised and if they turned over their findings they and the findings would surely disappear. So Lang developed a plan to distract the police stationed at the headquarters, and use the broadcast station there to disseminate the truth to the whole city. He hoped it would spring the city to action, and the police would not be able to mount an effective response in time because they would be wasting precious time taking their headquarters back.

Lang and his men committed themselves to the death, enjoyed one last night out on the town together and then set their plan in motion. They had to kill friends and coworkers, and knew they'd die but felt the cause just. In the end only Lang and Ashley survived.

Lang was given the opportunity to attack the people responsible for the conspiracy and save the city the right way. He preferred to take his chances fighting back than sitting in a cell so he accepted.

A Quick Fling

Lang fought with the party to the harbor towers and met an attractive girl with cat ears and a tail. He figured that after he got out of this he was defiantly gonna 'celebrate' with her. He didn't get the opportunity however as he killed by a Dark Trooper. In his dying breath this dirt bag did manage to grab a kiss from her. One last sweet thing to send him on his way.


Jimmy Lang 3.jpg

He has a special uniform that involves a Tactical Helmet that puts tactical information into his capable hands.

He uses a custom-made, long-range Canister Rifle.