When visiting Zeratul's personal library section in the Archives, the party looted some books. Each book would manifest certain things into reality based on their title. Whether this was part of their nature or a result of the Archives corruption is unknown.

History of Azlant, and the World That Was

This book would either animate in quasi-3d history pertaining to it's subject matter or try to bring you into it to experience that history.

Chiropractic Techniques

This book was never used, so we'll never know what it was going to do...


This book manifested a psychologist who would help readers with their problems.


This book would grow flora at an alarming rate until the book is closed, at which time all the plants retreat into the book.


This book would make your dreams come true. However it seems to only bring nightmares to life.


This book turned all that touched it's pages into crystal, and back to it's original material when it was closed.

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