Caleb's Pathfinder Campaign Wiki

These achievements were designed mostly with a few criteria in mind. Occasionally some will not meet a criteria or two.

  • They are achievable by any class.
  • It is possible to achieve most of them with one character.
  • They are easy to track.
  • They do not motivate players to do something detrimental to the game
  • They are not meta
  • They have clear completion criteria

I didn't create an achievements like "Cast 25 Harmful Spells Against PCs " because it requires you to keep track of how many spells you've casted, is difficult to obtain for non-spell casters, and rewards a player for harming the party. I didn't create an achievement such as "Step on a D4" because it is too meta and outside the game. I didn't create an achievement such as "Perform an Epic Escape" because it's too unclear as to what 'epic' could be.

Many games use achievements to guide new players through their first experiences, an example would be, "Flank an Enemy." These have not been designed with that philosophy.

How I Use Them

In my game I have a tangible reward for most achievements. For example if my player achieves the "What are the Odds" achievement their character receives the Knucklebone of Fickle Fortune, other rewards could be permanent or temporary bonus on a check that relates to the achievement. However if they receive the Don't Stop Me Now achievement for example, I don't give them a reward because leveling up is it's own reward.

I tend to track the achievements on a per-campaign basis instead of a per-player or per-character one.

Dice Rolls

A Critical Hit.jpg
A Don't Stop.jpg
A What are the Odds.jpg
A Critical Fail.jpg
A Pleast Stop.jpg
A One In Eight Thousand.jpg
A You Never Stood a Chance.jpg
A No One Saw That.jpg


A Don't Stop Me Now.jpg
A Im Having Such a Good Time.jpg
A Im Having a Ball.jpg
A They Call me Mister Fahrenheit.jpg
A Taking a Dip.jpg
A Customised.jpg
A Prestigious.jpg


A Broke.jpg
A Rich.jpg
A Decked Out.jpg


Acrobatics Expert.jpg
Appraise Expert.jpg
Bluff Expert.jpg
Climb Expert.jpg
Craft Expert.jpg
Diplomacy Expert.jpg
Disable Device Expert.jpg
Disguise Expert.jpg
Escape Artist Expert.jpg
Fly Expert.jpg
Handle Animal Expert.jpg
Heal Expert.jpg
Intimidate Expert.jpg
Knowledge Expert.jpg
Linguistics Expert.jpg
Perception Expert.jpg
Ride Expert.jpg
Sense Motive Expert.jpg
Sleight of Hand Expert.jpg
Spellcraft Expert.jpg
Steal Expert.jpg
Survival Expert.jpg
Swim Expert.jpg
Use Magic Device Expert.jpg


A Another One Bites the Dust.jpg
A TPK.jpg
A Gibbed.jpg
A Environmentalist.jpg
A Flirting with Death.jpg
A Jack of All Saves.jpg
A Combo Breaker.jpg
A Exact Damage.jpg
A Double Kill.jpg
A Triple Kill.jpg
A Quadruple Kill.jpg
A Quintuple Kill.jpg
Dodge This.jpg


A What a Horrible Night for a Curse.jpg
A World Traveler.jpg
A Answering the Call.jpg


These achievements are designed to be challenging to achieve.

A You Need to Have More Initiative.jpg
A A Hunter from the Darkest Wild.jpg
A Handicapped.jpg
A I Chose Rapture.jpg